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Universe of Shared Interests

Create your own universe on Stellog!

Choose your interests or topics

Universe Community is a place where like-minded individuals gather to communicate about various topics of interest. Create a universe based on the topics you're passionate about.

create your own universe

Gather your favorite locations

In each universe, you can add locations related to your interests. Collect all the locations associated with your interests.

manage your universe

More functionalities

Various features for your Universe

manage your universe

Manage Your Universe

You can add locations or block users using Universe management features. Enhance your Universe by managing it effectively.

Add or Delete Linked Places

In Universe, you can add various locations related to your interests. Add locations to provide more diverse options within your Universe.

add or delete location in your universe
add or block user from your universe

Block Unwanted Users

You can block users who post content inconsistent with the spirit of your Universe or inappropriate material.

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