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Stellog Policy

Stellog Policy

Stellog prioritizes your privacy, and uses machine learning technology to quickly block suspicious members who induce meetings that go against the purpose of the service, such as fraud or theft. Stellog will continue to do its best to create a safe meeting space. If you witness suspicious circumstances while using the service or find a member violating the operating policy, please report it through Contact Us.

  • Depending on the case, you may be subject to service use sanctions without prior warning, and legal liability may be imposed.

Stellog is a service that helps make connections fun and easy.

If someone asks for money transactions or requests, personal information such as financial information, please stop the conversation and report it immediately using the [Report] feature or contact

Please report if someone is impersonating others or stealing photos.

False or stolen profiles are not allowed according to the terms of use, and are considered to have other intentions. If you suspect an account is a false or stolen profile, please report it using the [Report] feature or contact and we will take action after thorough review.

Please report offensive conversations and overtly sexual profiles.

If you find a member using offensive expressions such as cursing and slander, sexual harassment in the chat room, feed, party, or distributing illegal filming materials, or an overtly sexual profile picture, please report it using the [Report] feature or contact and we will take action after thorough review.

Please report profiles that have external contact information written.

Stellog is working hard for the safe use of Stellog by our members. There may be phishing damages when writing external contacts such as telephone numbers, Instagram, KakaoTalk, etc. in the self-introduction or job, school, characteristics, interests, profile pictures, feed, party, etc. For safety, please share external contacts only in the chat room with the connected counterpart member. If you find a profile with external contact information written, please report it using the [Report] feature or contact and we will take action after review.

Actions for Violation of Guidelines

Contents of Measures by Service

Cases where immediate permanent suspension applies regardless of cumulative times

  1. If you cannot be identified with your profile picture

  2. If you transfer your account to someone else or receive a transferred account

  3. If you create and use multiple accounts

  4. If you illegally refund Starlit

  5. If it is judged as a serious matter (violation of terms of use, violation of operational policy, etc.) upon confirmation by the report manager

✔️Offensive language, defamation, and sexual harassment, and other unpleasant expressions will be warned and suspended irrespective of the cause (provision of cause by the other party). Please do not respond in these cases and report using the [report] feature or contact

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