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What is Stellog concierge?

Concierges are the creators in Stellog. In line with the nature of Stellog, which shares content based on a specific location and/or universe, concierges seek professional and authentic contents by accumulating information in the location and/or universe for a long time.


As the polaris in the night sky leads the way, become a concierge and light up someone's way of life with your contents.

How to become a concierge

Among users who upload contents, we are trying to provide various material support to those who have uploaded excellent contents. We would also like to provide management support for those who wish to work as professional concierges with Stellog among those who have been sharing contents actively.

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The next generation SNS platform that builds diverse online communities at a granular level of each location for you to shine so brightly in your place.

Will you join us?

Creator to Concierge, Dark to Light.

It’s time to shine. Become a concierge and guide others to the bright life. 

We support concierges with diverse resources.

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