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We try to connect people based on the location when they cannot find the right people even though they deserve good people.


For that, we just built the next generation SNS platform. Stellog builds diverse online communities at a granular level of each location for people who deserve to get attention do so easily in their location.

What We Do

If I can make you be the most famous, sociable, or coolest person among the people in your location even when nobody knows you yet, would you be willing to? Do you believe that you deserve to get attention from others in your place one way or another? 


Yes, we understand that you might have some hurdles even if you actually want others’ affection and attention. For instance, you could be introverted, injured, have different language or cultures, etc.


We removed the hurdles, and only kept the cool part of being connected to the community.

Just  click your place in the map and click upload button to shout out to all in your place. You can do it either anonymously or publicly depending on what you want.


There, we built the next generation SNS platform that builds diverse online communities at a granular level of each location for you to stand out so easily in your place.

Our Vision

We seek the truth of life. We seek to get the most realistic contents of every place to show the true lifestyle of all locations. To do so, we are trying to gather the authentic individuals who can share the real-life experiences of every place in contents. We believe that the lack of the truthful information of the locations is correlated with the failure to get adjusted into the new environment. As we share the truthful information of the lifestyles of all locations, we expect to help users get adjusted into the new environment well by finding most fitting environment for them and/or increase the satisfaction of the current environment that people live in by letting them easily explore through the lifestyles of the locations around the environment.


We think that the observation is what it all takes. Looking into the night sky, someone sees the twinkling stars while others see the orbiting stones emitting the reflection of the sunlights. We seek to reconstruct this observations for people of the locations so that individuals can have diverse perspectives on the offline places as they wish, which will also help the places rebuild their brandings the way users would want. There are many stories in diverse offline places that can have people converge on together to unite and the values of these stories are well beyond simple ratings that the rating sites provide. We deny such simple ratings that have no power of unity, but value to deliver more complex stories to have people converge on to activate the offline.

We will help you become the star in your location.

Simply click your location in the map and click upload button to show your valuable contents. 

The content can be the text, photo, or video format. Whichever is the most easy way to tell your stories to others, just do it so easily and become the star in your place!

Contact us


Create your contents for your place and easily become the concierge of your place. Introduce your perspective of your place by sharing your stories to the neighbors. It can also open up the other world for people on the other side of the world that didn’t know the place you live. There you can stand out as a local star and develop to become the world’s celebrity. 


Are you the owner of a location, the contents creator, or the lead in an institution? We have diverse opportunities to set up partnerships to create an online communities for your location, creator, or institution. Feel free to make suggestions for the mutual growth!


Interested in connecting the people into the real-world communities? Join us! We have diverse positions open for Engineering, Marketing, HR, Operations, Design, Product, and etc.


Do you want to advertise your product, location, or entity? As a geo-API integrated platform, Stellog can target the right people based-on the location and/or community information for you.


Diverse experiences and various stories will shed light on the world you live in. Stellog, the log of the stars to shine in your nights. Will you join us?

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The next generation SNS platform that builds diverse online communities at a granular level of each location for you to shine so brightly in your place.

Will you join us?

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