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Community Guideline

Community Guideline

Welcome to Stellog, where we seek the relationships to illuminate our lives.

Stellog hopes to make your life shine brighter and more beautifully by connecting you to various community members in your place. We believe in the value of connecting the right people at the right places to make their lives more prosperous through meaningful relationships.

Below, you can see a list of community guidelines for Stellog. All videos, voices, and chats must strictly comply with the "Community Guidelines." If any behavior that violates the community guidelines is found, the use may be prohibited without prior warning, and such decisions will not be reversed, so please be careful.

  • Legal responsibilities may be imposed depending on the case.

Stellog may not be used for the following purposes:

Sexual Content

Distribution of illegally filmed content, excessive body exposure, sexual harassment and sexual bullying, and commercial sexual services are not allowed under any circumstances.

  • Uploading (distributing) illegally filmed content

  • Sexual harassment or conversations that may make the other party feel uncomfortable

  • Content that is too revealing or sexually explicit

  • Expressions in self-introductions that represent one's sexual desire

Inappropriate Profile Information

Please refrain from overly playful profile information and introductions. Profile pictures that completely cover the face or are unrecognizable, introductions that contain sexually explicit expressions, and false information about schools or workplaces are not allowed.

[Defamation of Others]

  • All continuous and malicious expressions targeting other people

  • All content containing defamatory content about others

  • Repeatedly and maliciously insulting others

  • All aggressive content that can identify a target

  • Inciting harassment of a specific target, whether on Stellog or not

  • Any other slander, speculation, insult, derogation, and inciting expressions against the will of the other party

[Discrimination and Disparagement of the Disabled]

  • Actions that insult, disparage, scorn, or criticize people with physical or mental disabilities or those related to disabilities, or make remarks that provoke disparagement

  • Harassing people with disabilities or exploiting, abandoning, or abusing them financially, or inciting such actions

  • Using language expressions that stimulate the sexual shame of people with disabilities or making mocking remarks

  • Unfair treatment, such as disparagement, scorn, insult, abuse, exploitation, confinement, and assault against women and children with disabilities for reasons of disability, or inciting such actions

  • Remarks and actions that attribute specific behaviors to people with disabilities

  • Remarks and actions that refer to an unspecified majority as disabled

  • Cases that fall under the act of disparaging the disabled, other than the above items

Harmful to Adolescents

Stellog does not allow any content or remarks related to children and adolescents that cause discomfort to others in any situation and strictly regulates it.

  • Acts such as encouraging minors to engage in dangerous behavior or showing minors engaging in dangerous behavior

  • Acts of exposing harmful substances to adolescents (alcohol, cigarettes/e-cigarettes/vitamin sticks/sexual devices, etc.)

  • Contents about services restricted to adolescents (music, video, businesses and sites where adolescents are not allowed, etc.)

  • Other harmful behaviors related to minors not mentioned above

Violence, Gambling, Encouragement of Speculative Behavior

  • Engaging in or promoting illegal private online sports betting, other gambling businesses and game money exchanges

  • Photos that evoke violence, such as guns, wounds, scars

  • Clear middle finger photos

  • Other gambling and speculative behaviors not mentioned above

Illegal Activities

  • Engaging in or promoting prostitution

  • Fraudulent actions, such as requesting account deposits, soliciting investments, inducing sign-ups and payments on other sites

  • Sharing, beautifying, inducing, or encouraging illegal activities

  • Actions that violate the laws of the country where the member resides

  • All other illegal behaviors not mentioned above

Copyright Infringement

All actions that infringe on any property protected by law, including copyrights, are strictly regulated and may be subject to legal punishment.

  • Unauthorized use of copyrighted works and industrial property rights protected by copyright law

  • Unauthorized use of copyrighted works without the permission of the original author

  • Acts of copyright infringement such as sports, movies, animations, TV channels, etc., for which Stellog does not have the copyright

  • Other copyright-related infringements not mentioned above


Any actions that misuse the service, negatively impact a particular person or group, the service, the company, etc., including any speech related to members you meet through the Sterlog service, even if it occurred outside of Sterlog, if Sterlog deems it inappropriate, illegal or in violation of the terms of use, Sterlog reserves the right to investigate your account and terminate your account without a refund of any remaining assets.

  • Actions that interfere with the operation of the service or negatively impact the service

  • Creating and using multiple accounts or transferring them

  • Impersonating or stealing the identity of a particular person, group, service, company, etc.

  • Spreading false facts, defaming, and attacking a particular person, group, service, company, etc.

  • Actions that damage the name, identity, social status, personality, etc. of a particular person, group, service, company, etc.

  • Actions that violate the service's own standards, other than the above items

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