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Get Connected and Shine!

The easiest way to make communities over any place where you shine most brilliantly.

Our Features

My Universe

 You can create your own Universe and invite other people to build the community!

My Location

Start subscribing to the location you are in and upload texts, photos, and videos to share your stories to the others in the same location!

My People

Explore the real world in Stellog. We will lead you to the locations where you shine most brilliantly!

Easily reach out to people in your location and introduce yourself!

Click the thumbnail of a place on the map and click the upload button to write something to the people in the same place all at once!

Now you are easily mingling with the people in your place.


In Stellog, you can get connected to people that are in the same place. You can get to know more about a place by communicating with the subscribers of that location.

See if you would like the people in the new environment even before you move!

What we do.

We try to connect people based on the location. 

Anyone can be an outstanding figure in Stellog. If you believe that you deserve to be the one but have a hurdle, we are here to help you get connected to the community and shine brilliantly to get the affection of others in the same community.

The log of the stars

Easy to become a star in your place!

Simply download Stellog, click your place in the map, click upload to shout out to your place and become a star in your place.


Diverse experiences and various stories will shed light on the world you live in. Stellog, the log of the stars to shine in your nights. Will you join us?

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Download Stellog

The next generation SNS platform that builds diverse online communities at a granular level of each location for you to shine so brightly in your place.

Will you join us?

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