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Connect with matched people

Pair with Concierges at your place

Discover and connect with people in places that interest you. Get paired with various concierges in communities you're interested in, and explore their diverse lives through feeds and lounges, enriching your experiences in a more diverse and enjoyable environment.


What we do

We connect people based on their interests in specific places.

In each place, we gather concierges who offer authentic insights and valuable experiences about the local lifestyle. Concierges enrich your life by expanding your horizons beyond your immediate surroundings. Start exploring beyond your physical location and build relationships that transcend personal boundaries by connecting with concierges.

Find valuable connections in your communities!

Subscribe to the communities and match with various concierges. Someone could become your friend, mentor, helpful colleague, and more.

50 Kg

Payload Capacity

Pair with people who share the same interests!

In Stellog, you can create your own universe to build a community based on your interests and places! Gather people with similar interests in your place, share content about mutual interests, and make connections based on shared passions!

60 Liter

Storage Compartment

your universe community

Universe, exclusively for you.

Showcase your interests in a universe tailored just for you, where connecting people based on shared interests is at the heart of meaningful interactions!


Create your own universe on Stellog!

Register as a concierge and connect with people!


Sensors coverage


Improved Reaction Time

Register as a concierge and connect with like-minded individuals! Join Stellog to share your passions, explore new interests, and meet new people. As a concierge, you'll facilitate connections and be part of vibrant communities. Start today and unlock a world of meaningful interactions!


Register as a concierge and get connected to the new world and people!


Stellog: Discover, Connect, Thrive!

Discover the perfect match with concierges who align with your interests, passions, and lifestyle. Experience the thrill of forging genuine connections and exploring new horizons within our vibrant community. With Stellog, every interaction is an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, sparking enriching conversations and fostering lasting friendships. Join us today and get into a world of possibilities as you embark on a journey of exploration, growth, and shared experiences.

Start from Your Place!

Download Stellog Now!

location based matching platform

Explore a new way to connect with concierges from around the world on Stellog!

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